Official Organising Committee is composed of early stage researchers and PIs from two European ITNs – AccliPhot and PHOTO.COMM represented by:

ESR7_Martina Angeleri_300x220 Anna Fiona Antonella

Martina Angeleri Anna Matuszyńska Fiona Moejes Antonella Succurro

supported by our ITN Project Managers:
Dr. Kristine Groth Kirkensgaard, PHOTO.COMM, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
Kathrin Müller and Stephanie Spelberg, AccliPhot, Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf (Germany)

For more information regarding selected sessions please contact:
Session on the Photosynthetic electron flow: Gergana Kostova or Prof. Poul Erik Jensen
Session on the CO2: Kailash Adhikari or Prof. Sam Zeeman
Session on the Light Acclimation: Anna Matuszyńska or Prof. Giovanni Finazzi
Session on the Omics: Martina Angeleri or Dr. Natalia Battchikova
Session on the Engineering: Julie Zedler or Prof. Patrik Jones
Session on the Chloroplast Structure / Assembly: Martina Zanella or Prof. Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont
Session on the Communities: Johan Kudahl or Prof. Alison Smith
Session on the Industrial Cultivation:Fiona Moejes or Prof. Roberto Bassi
Session on the Modelling Metabolism: Antonella Succurro or Dr. Mark Poolman

For more information regarding logistics (accommodation, registration) please contact our Project Managers.